ODM98 Optical Diffuse Product Photos

Picture 1: Custom Design 4" Integrating Sphere
Insert with Integrated Baffles

Picture 2: Custom design Prism Container for Diamond and Small Parts Inspection
Picture 3: Custom design Integrating Sphere Source Insert

Picture 4: Flow Water Reactor with ODM98 film Reflector for Diffuse Light Stimulation

Picture 5: Parts of 3D Formed Cavity

Picture 6: Custom Design Integrating Spheres in 2", 1.5" and 1" Sizes

Picture 7: Stretched Integrating Sphere for Side
Emitting Fibers with Protection Insert

Picture 8: Custom Design 10" Integrating Sphere
with Nikon Bayonet Source Mount Adapter
Picture 9: 10x10mm Cuvette Sample Holder