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11.15.2015     BTS256-PAR Spectral PAR - Light & Color Meter
11.01.2015     Spectral PAR Light & Color Meter
10.15.2015     Laser Power & Laser Noise Signal Analyzer
09.28.2014     Fast, accurate and flexible — spectral color measurement technology for industrial applications
07.30.2014     Multi-Function Integrating Sphere For Optical Properties of Materials Measurements
06.18.2014     Light-Color-Spectral Meter with WiFi
04.15.2014     Integrating Sphere Source Calibration Standard
05.22.2013     BTS256-E Bi-Tec Sensor Lightmeter
12.04.2012     H-M-L Intensity Controllable Uniform Light Source for Imaging Device PRNU Comparison
11.02.2012     Advanced Light Hazard Meter
08.01.2012     Diffuse Reflection Material Now in Gray Grades
11.11.2011     X1-RM Rack-Mountable Multimeter
10.19.2010     LED Spectrolightmeter Recognized in IES Progress Report
10.05.2009     Hand-Held LED Spectrolightmeter
04.08.2009     Integrating Sphere Light Source Spans Seven Decade Light Output Range
01.17.2009     Microlux Detector for Low Level Light Measurement
12.11.2008     P-9802 36-Channel Optometer
10.28.2008     Hand-Held Portable Spectrophotometer
01.04.2007     All-Purpose Reflectance/Transmittance Integrating Sphere
01.04.2007     Light Analyzer with New Bi-Technology Sensor for LED, OLED & Light Source Measurement
09.25.2006     OEM Light Detector / Amplifier
05.17.2006     360° Field-of-View UV-C Detector
11.17.2005     Micro-Probe for Light Measurement
09.22.2005     Hand-Held Color Meter with Delta-UV Function
07.15.2005     High Precision Light Analyzer Combines Integral and Spectral Measurement Techniques
02.15.2005     Integrating Capsule for Diffuse Fiber Power Measurement
04.24.2004     Viewer Module Luminance Detector
08.31.2004     All Weather Light Detector