Hand-Held Portable Spectrophotometer

The Gigahertz-Optik LCRT-2005-S is designed as a portable instrument for the measurement of the regular (In-Line) transmission of windows and glasses with and without reflection reducing coatings in the laboratory or on site. The measurement configuration is identical to the luminance set-up in CIE 130 and DIN 5036 but reduced in size into a compact unit. The LCRT-2005-S consists of a uniform light source, receiver and controller. Both detectors for light source reference and transmittance are GO BTS256 diode array sensors.

The uniform light source, with compact integrating sphere, provides a uniform sample illumination with large diameter luminance area. The rugged ODM98 sphere coating and white LED light source ensure long life. LED pulse modulation suppresses ambient light effects and extends battery operation time.

A BTS256 diode array reference detector provides light source spectral data making the transmission measurement independent of emission spectrum changes due to substitution effects from the test sample and the source emission spectrum. The reference detector spectral measurement data is used to calculate standard CIE Illuminant A or D65 or monochromatic transmission at specified wavelengths.

The receiver, designed as a luminance meter, offers an achromatic corrected narrow viewing angle of 0.4°. This very narrow angle accepts only "real" regular or in-line transmitted light. A BTS256 sensor measures the spectral data of the light source for the 100% reference value and of the transmitted light. The photometric transmission is calculated using the spectral measurement data. A compact CCD camera built into the receiver supports the alignment of the receiver to the light source.

Controller supports the measurement set-up, the measurement itself and documentation employing simple four button operation. Its compact size housing with silicon edge "bumper" protection holds four AA type batteries to provide long operation time. A backlit monochromatic display features large digit size for easy reading and also facilitates optical alignment in concert with the receiver camera. The controller is supplied with a USB interface for remote control operation of the LCRT-2005-S. The IR printer interface can be used to printout results.

An optional B2S-75-RIT Bench to set-up the LCRT-2005-S for stationary use is available. Its translation stage enables simulation of different illumination angles of the sample under test.

ODMP Specification