X1-1 Radiometer/Photometer

Technical & Accessory Information

X1-1 Technical Information

4-Channel Multiplexed Light Measurement
The fully remote controllable X1-1 Radiometer/Photometer features autoranging from 0.1 pA to 200 uA or manual range selection, dose mode, selectable integration time from 20 ms to 1 second, USB interface, backlit LCD and is compatible with all other Gigahertz-Optik single and multi-sensor (up to 4) light detector heads.

Four-Line Backlit Display
Each detector reading is displayed on one line of the meter's four-line high contrast LCD.

Multiple Light Readings
The XD series detectors housing two and three-sensors are particularly useful when multiple light readings with error free handling are required. For example, the XD-4503 Detector includes a Flat Visible (400-800nm), Flat UVA (315-400nm) and UVB (280-315nm) sensor in a 45mm dia. x 30mm high housing sharing a common cosine correcting diffuser so no detector swapping required.

Light Detectors for UV, Light & LED Measurement
Detectors are available for any radiometric / photometric application including but not restricted to UV-BLUE light phototherapy, light and photodynamic therapy, UV curing & UV processes, photostability testing per ICH guidelines, UVGI, laser power, LED measurement, PAR, illuminance, luminance & color, UV/Light Hazard, liquid penetrant testing and photoluminescent decay testing per ASTME 2073.

Calibration Certification
Detectors are internationally traceably calibrated and certified. Gigahertz-Optik is an ISO EN 17025 (Reg. No. DKD-K-10601-03) accredited calibration laboratory for optical radiation quantities. Along with absolute sensitivity, calibration certification includes a plot of the actual relative detector spectral response.

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Software Options
Optional OS-X1 Windows based software is available for remote control operation and datalogging of readings. Also a DLL file and full list of commands is provided with the X1-1 to assist with installation into end-user application.

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X1-1 Dimensions

X1-1 Radiometer/Photometer dimensions

X1-1 Light Measurement Accessories

Light Measurement Accessory Components
A key feature of the X1-1 Radiometer/Photometer is expandability. Gigahertz-Optik offers a wide variety of light measurement accessory components that can be used and calibrated with the meter.

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