P-9710-1 Radiometer/Photometer

High Level Laboratory-Grade Features
    In A Compact Portable Light Meter

P-9710-1 Radiometer/Photometer from Gigahertz-Optic

Universal Use In
Light Measurement

A Wide Light Measurement Range
Gigahertz-Optik's P-9710-1 Radiometer/Photometer for universal use in any UV - Visible - Near Infrared radiometric and photometric application provides a wide light measurement range, fifteen menu selectable modes of operation, full RS232 remote control (optional Windows based software) plus internal datalogging.

Measures To One Microsecond
The P-9710-2 model light meter features a fast response pulse energy mode enabling on-site measurement of single and multiple pulsed light events down to one microsecond in length.

Measure On Site Or In The Lab
Steady-state light levels or the average energy of flashing light sources, strobe lamps, LEDs, beacons/ warning signals, pulsed Xenon sources can be accurately measured with data storage on site or in the lab.

Error Free System Set-Up And Operation
All essential detector data is stored in the detector's connector so that any number of light detectors and associated components like optical filters, integrating spheres, for example, can be interchanged on the one P-9710 Radiometer/Photometer for error free system set-up and operation. This makes adding additional light detectors for future light measurement projects quick and easy.

A Versatile Read-Out Device
The chief feature of the P-9710 is its versatility. It serves as the read-out device for a full program of UV-Vis-NIR radiometric, photometric light detectors and accessory components. Photodetector, filter and any necessary input component or accessory can be specifically configured for light and LED measurements in any light measurement unit.

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Here's The Problem:
Your company is installing flashing warning beacons at various sites around the facility. In order to ensure conformance to published safety standards, the pulse energy needs be measured. The measured effective intensity at a set distance should be high enough to warn approaching traffic.

As the lone electronics engineer in your facility, management comes to you to handle the project.

Here's The Requirements:

  • Portable hand-held photometer
  • Class A photopic detector for best accuracy regardless of source type
  • Pulsed light energy measurement capability
  • Internal datalogging feature for on-board storage of multiple readings
  • PC compatibility so stored readings can be downloaded to computer
  • Ability to add any number of new detector types for future applications

Here's The Solution:
P-9710 Radiometer/Photometer with VL-3701-2 Illuminance Detector.

P-9710-1 Radiometer/Photometer and detector from Gigahertz-Optic

Download the P-9710-1 Radiometer/Photometer Technical Data Sheet pdf file.

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