ODM98 Diffuse Reflectance Material & Coating

Works As A Translucent Reflector & Optical Diffuser

ODM98 from Gigahertz-Optic

High Resistance To High Intensity Irradiance, UV And Thermal Radiation

A High Resistance Diffuse Reflective Material
ODM98 is a diffuse reflecting synthetic material with high resistance to high intensity irradiance, UV and thermal radiation. It is supplied in raw block, plate, film form and as machined parts in optical finish. Custom ODM 98 design and machining services of both 2D and 3D formed shapes is also available.

Reflectance Standards
ODM98 is commonly used as reflectance standards (flat surface) for the calibration of:

  • Spectrophotometers
  • Imaging System Pixel Uniformity
  • Reflectance Meters
  • Surface Color Meters

A Nearly Perfect Diffuse Reflection
OP.DI.MA. is a special processed synthetic material which works as a translucent reflector & optical diffuser. This means that radiation will enter into the material and reflect from many interfaces within the material itself. This results in a nearly perfect diffuse reflection. A side effect of volume reflection is a variation in transit times of the reflected radiation within the material. This variation in transit eliminates speckling effects associated with coherent radiation.

Outstanding Properties
10 mm thick ODM98 optically diffuse material provides a reflectance of up to 98.5% in the visible spectrum and a minimum reflectance of 93% within the wavelength range from 250 nm to 2.5 um. Other properties of OP.DI.MA. include temperature stability up to 280* C, insolubility in water and resistance to UV degradation.

Can Be Machined, Re-Machined & Cleaned
The surface of the material must be machined to obtain an optical finish without gloss effects. It can be re-machined and cleaned prolonging its operational life.

Use Considerations
Of course, these outstanding properties are accompanied by some limitations: the material can only be manufactured in block or plate form. This generally necessitates performing cutting operations to shape the material to the desired form. As a translucent reflector, the level of reflection depends on the material thickness. The material can not be applied as a coating.

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Here's The Problem:
You must design optical diffuser reflectors for a custom design LED sources that optimize and diffuse emitted light for specific tasks. The metal reflectors you have tried do not provide a diffuse light output. The various white coatings and paints diffuse the light sufficiently but are too fragile in some applications. Plus some of the coatings were not reflective enough, causing too low a light level.

There are other synthetic white reflectance materials that would work. However, the manufacturers do not sell just the material; they want to do the machining of the parts themselves.

Here's The Requirements:

  • A durable high reflectance white optical diffuser material available as raw stock in various shapes and sizes for in-house machining.
  • Fabrication of the parts in-house is necessary not only to save costs but to also allow the flexibility for trial and error design of multiple reflector solutions.

Here's The Solution:
ODM98 optical diffuser with high reflectance in various size unmachined plate, block, cylinder or film form.

ODM98 diffuse reflecting material from Gigahertz-Optic

Download the ODM98 Technical Data Sheet pdf file.

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