Light-Color-Spectral Meter with WiFi

Gigahertz-Optik's has added a WiFi interface to its BTS256-E Light Meter. The BTS256-E WiFi allows complete wireless remote control of all meter functions.

Now lighting designers, engineers, manufacturers and maintenance workers have a cost-effective way to accurately characterize any type light source over long distances from a central location.

The BTS256-E WiFi measures fifteen different quantities including photopic & scotopic illuminance, S/P ratio, EVE Equivalent Visual Efficiency factor, color coordinates, CT, CRI, color purity, deltaUV and spectral irradiance.

Its Bi-Technology sensor includes both a precision photometric photodiode and diode array spectrometer. Any spectral mismatch error of the photopic sensor is compensated on-line using the diode array's measured spectral data. This reduces measurement uncertainty when evaluating any type of light source. A built-in electro-optical shutter for dark-signal pixel offset compensation optimizes signal to noise ratio to increase the linear dynamic range of the C-MOS diode array detector.

A large 20mm diameter diffuser provides a precise cosine corrected measurement geometry, a basic requirement for accurate illuminance measurements.

The meter is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery and features a large size 240x160 pixel resolution transflective display located on the same side of the housing as the input optic. For manual operation three front panel control buttons control all meter functions like illuminance area mapping, internal memory and datalogging as well as many advanced settings.

For system integration an optional SDK software development kit is available. The SDK makes it easy for self-progammers to embed the BTS256-E WiFi within their own software.

Other useful features include time-delay measurement, display dimmer, two datalogger modes and measurement mapping function.

View BTS256-E highlights video at:

BTS265-E with WiFi