Hand-Held Color Meter with Delta-UV Function

Gigahertz-Optik announces that its handy meter for color and illuminance/luminance measurements of light sources in the field or lab now includes a new Delta-uv function.

The ergonomically designed and easy to use HCT-99-D measures color chromaticity coordinates x,y and u',v', lux and/or candela per square meter, correlated color temperature as well as then new Delta-UV function which shows the deviation of the measured x, y color coordinates from the black body radiator locus. Other features include, high contrast LCD with backlighting, computer control via USB interface, optional OS-X1 Windows software, precisely corrected detector response to the CIE spectral tristimulus functions, Xshort function for greater accuracy when measuring high color temperature sources and low profile detector head with calibration certification.

Now architects, lamp manufacturers, lighting designers and engineers can bring color information into their light measurements within budget.

The HCT-99-D Meter is available with hard carry case, USB cable, DLL file, 9 VDC battery and manual.

HCT-99-D Color Meter