H-M-L Intensity Controllable Uniform Light Source for Imaging Device PRNU Comparison

Integrating sphere light sources provide a uniform and variable light output making them useful as calibration light source standards for PRNU Photo-Response Non-Uniformity comparison of imaging systems and sensors.

Gigahertz-Optik's new model integrating sphere source ISS-8P-HP features uniformity equal to or better than 98% within 90% of its output port featuring a fast H-M-L High Medium Low setting of intensity level using interchangeable attenuators. This quick three setting adjustment of light level is highly desirable in production comparison applications.

The ISS-8P-HP is built around an 8cm diameter integrating sphere made from Gigahertz-Optik's highly diffuse reflective and stable synthetic ODM98 coating with a 19mm diameter light output port.

Its light source design offers selectable 10 to 100 W QH lamps and features three manually interchangeable neutral density filters with OD0, OD1 and OD2 optical densities corresponding to 100%, 10% and 1% light throughput for fast H-M-L adjustment of light output. This method is faster than using a variable aperture plus the hole pattern design attenuator minimalizes color temperature drift. A fan is supplied to air cool the lamp socket to ensure lamp life and system stability.

Optional accessory components like a Gigahertz-Optik LPS series high resolution lamp power supply, optometer with an illuminance, luminance or illuminance & color monitor detector complete the system.