BTS256-PAR Spectral Photosynthetically Active Radiation Light & Color Meter

Gigahertz-Optik's new BTS256-PAR is a spectrometer based PAR, illuminance and color meter. Seven plant growth spectral functions can be measured plus up to five different user specific weighting functions can be self-programmed into the meter.

Gigahertz-Optik introduces an advanced technology Photosynthetically Active Radiation meter that provides PAR, illuminance, color and spectral data to fully analyze any type natural and artificial light source including LEDs employed in plant growth applications.

The hand-held BTS256-PAR meter is capable of measuring and recording lighting conditions in the field, greenhouse or lab - based on plant science, photometric, radiometric and spectral parameters. With an on-board display and memory it can be used by itself or with supplied S-BTS software.

Plant Growth Measurands:

  • PAR - µmol/(m²s)
  • DLI - Daily Light Integral (time resolved data logger)
  • R/FR - Red to Far Red ratio
  • Esy1, Esy2, Etp1, Etp2 weighting functions
  • 5 different self-programmable weighting functions  

More Features & Functions: 

  • Scotopic & photopic illuminance
  • S/P ratio
  • EVE factor
  • Spectral irradiance 
  • Color coordinates, CRI, CT, purity, Δuv 
  • Diode array for spectral distribution
  • Photometric filtered photodiode
  • Precise cosine corrected field-of-view
  • Integrated shutter for dark offset comp
  • Internal memory for storing readings
  • Compact & portable in rugged housing
  • On-board display for use without PC
  • USB2 interface that Recharges Battery
  • Software for full PC operation
  • Customizable meas windows desktop scheme  
  • SDK software development kit
  • Illuminance distribution mapping
  • Two datalogger modes

BTS256-PAR Spectral Light & Color Meter