Laser Power & Laser Noise Signal Analyzer

Gigahertz-Optik's PT-9610 hand-held meter with re-designed PD-2DT detector operates in two basic modes to measure laser power and analyze its noise component up to a 1MHZ bandwidth in six different measurement modes.

The mobile or lab based analyzer is designed specifically for laser applications where changes in intensity or inherent instability can negatively impact the process, as in laser scanners for example. The very high scanning frequency of these systems requires very fast detection systems without bandwidth limitation. Because of this the noise level and noise characteristic of the laser source influences the signal to noise ratio and therefore the imaging resolution.

The PT-9610 not only measures average power but also the time structure of the power in the form of modulation over a range from 1 microwatt to 90 milliwatts (647 nm). The meter displays the mean power including its modulation component or only the modulated component in absolute power (W) or as a relative value related to the power in six user selectable evaluation modes including RMS VALUE: Wideband, Low Frequency, High Frequency and PEAK VALUE: Positive, Negative, Peak-to-Peak.

The newly re-designed PT-9610's PD-2T laser power detector is only 8mm high with a removable grip for easy placement into tight spaces. Its unique design which includes a miniature integrating sphere made from synthetic ODM98 coating and fast PIN silicon photodiode provide a detection range of up to 120mW and 1MHz.

The PT-9610-PD-2T also features a rechargeable battery and AC power use, backlit LCD display, calibration at common laser wavelengths selectable from 350 to 1100 nm and an analog output providing the signal measured right after the pre-amplifier.

PT-9610+PD-2T Laser Power & Noise Meter