Viewer Module Luminance Detector

The new Gigahertz-Optik LDM-9810 is a modularly designed viewer module that combined with the PD-16VL01 plug-in photometric detector and any Gigahertz-Optik optometer, forms a luminance measurement system featuring a viewable and sizeable target spot. A wide achromatically corrected 50 mm lens aperture objective and focusing feature satisfies the tightest requirements for the suppression of stray light and image formation.

20', 1° or 6° fields of view can be selected by means of a knob located on the rear of the device. The measurement spot is visible through an ocular viewfinder with a cross hair targeting aid making alignment very simple over a useable measurement distance from 0.3 meters to infinity.

The LDM-98/PD-16VL01 photometric detector boasts a photopic adaptation error (f1‘) of < 3%, plus other PD-16 series radiometric detectors can be interchanged on the modular viewer unit for radiance measurement.

Typical applications include photometric brightness measurement of luminous surfaces such as monitor screens, alphanumeric displays, LED signs, emergency lighting and illuminated control panels. Reflecting surfaces such as walls and workplace equipment, projection screens and roadway indicators can also be measured as well as the afterglow decay of fluorescent pigments.

Certification of absolute calibration including spectral responsivity plot, is supplied for each detector. The LDM-9810's machined aluminum housing is built to ensure stable measurements in the lab field and includes standard tripod mount. M3 threaded holes in the detector faceplate surrounding the half-inch (12.5 mm) diameter input port allow attachment of all standard telecom fiber connectors (optionally available), bare fiber adapters or other custom mounts enabling a spectrometer to be mated with the viewer module for spectral measurements.

LDM-9810 viewer module