Integrating Sphere Light Source Spans Seven Decade Light Output Range

Integrating Sphere Light Sources often called Uniform Light Sources provide a uniform and adjustable hemispherical light output making them useful as calibration standards for luminance and radiance measurement instruments as well as uniformity calibration of imaging systems and sensors and also for target illumination. Gigahertz-Optik's new model ISS-8K-100-VAHP boasts uniformity within the 19mm diameter light output port area is equal to or better than 98% within 90% of the port diameter.

The ISS-8K-100-VAHP is based around an 80 mm diameter integrating sphere made from ODM98 Gigahertz-Optik's optically diffuse material, which offers greater than 98% white-diffuse reflectance throughout the visible and near infrared spectral range.

The combination of a100 W QH lamp, variable aperture and interchangeable OD0, OD1 and OD2 attenuators enable output signal level step control from 0.1 cd/m² up to 100000 cd/m² with minimal color temperature drift. A fan is supplied to air cool only the lamp socket to ensure lamp life and system stability.

Optional accessory components like a Gigahertz-Optik LPS series lamp power supply, optometer with an illuminance, luminance or illuminance & color reference detector complete the system.