Multi-Function Integrating Sphere
For Optical Properties of Materials Measurements

Gigahertz-Optik's UPB-150-ARTA integrating sphere features five precisely aligned ports enabling OPM measurements of reflection, transmission, absorption, photoluminescence, organic electroluminescence and luminous flux with available accessory components.

The integrating sphere measures six inches in diameter for best balance of signal throughput and sphere functionality. It is machined from a solid aluminum block ensuring a highly precise alignment of the measurement ports to each other. Each port features a thin circumferential knife-edge for widest possible acceptance angle for diffuse light.

The UPB-150-ARTA can be supplied with an axially revolving sample holder for 10x10mm cuvettes. A clamp holder secures glass test samples and thin foils in place for analysis. Photoluminescent test samples can be stimulated through the measurement ports using an external light source like a laser. Since the sample holder post is hollow wires can be run inside to power the test sample for organic electroluminescence measurements.

Other useful components available for the UPB-150-ARTA include port reducers, light trap, 'slide & fix' sample holders, port plugs, port adapters to hold light guides, detectors and other user parts.

Complete technical specifications including drawings of the integrating sphere and all accessory components can be found at: UPB-150-ARTA

UPB-150-ARTA integrating sphere