HCT-99D Light & Color Meter

Field Service Applications

Check Site Results Quickly
The operation & qualification of light sources can be checked on site simply and repeatably for comparison and correlation to light and color measurements taken back in the laboratory.

Compare In-House Standards
It's also possible to coordinate the HCT-99D meter calibration to in-house color and illuminance standards by either self-programming of the meter for direct reading or by correction of the readings in spreadsheet using an Excel VBA (Visual Basic Application).

Manufacturing /Production Applications

Practical QC Tool
The HCT-99D colorimeter is a practical quality control tool for establishing and maintaining lighting product specifications like color (x,y or u',v'), illuminance (lux), correlated color temperature standards in-house and in multi-national manufacturing operations.

Real Life LED Example
One example would be LED sorting and binning. The LED manufacturer or end-user may have a high level spectral color and light measurement system in their laboratory but doesn't want to duplicate this instrument in an international manufacturing facility due to the high cost and complexity of running a high-end spectroradiometric light measurement system.

Affordable Alternative
The HCT-99D is a low cost alternative to the high-end spectral measurement systems that can be self-calibrated or corrected to factory light and color standards if necessary.

Monitor Life Test Set-Up
Another example is light source monitoring in a life test set-up. Utilizing the HCT-99D USB interface, light and color measurements can be taken on any number of lamp stations using a USB hub with multiple light and color meters. The meter is powered via the USB interface so there's no problem with battery failure.

Lighting & Architectural Applications

Balance Light & Color Levels
Adding color and color temperature values to the classical photometric light measurement allows lighting engineers, architects and lighting designers to balance light and color levels for a more in-depth analysis of interior, exterior, landscape and accent lighting.

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